Sunday, 14 February 2016

Clear stamper review + ILNP Paper Route manicure

An exciting day - I finally have a clear stamper! Read on for a brief review and to see the nail design that I did using it.

Clear stamper with lid, review by polilish
See-through goodness!

I bought this from the wonderful Rainbow Connection UK. I still remember the confusion, disbelief, and then just AMAZEMENT I felt while watching a video of a clear stamper at work for the first time. I've wanted one ever since, of course. There are two versions available on Rainbow Connection - I chose this one because of the lid (I've heard clear stamper heads are more fragile) and because it looks cool with the transparent handle.

Here's the design I did with it:
ILNP Paper Route with gold delicate stamping by polilish
Happy Valentine's Day!

The stamper allowed me to place the patterns just where I wanted them. With regular stampers, even if I try to line my finger up as best I can, I often estimate wrongly and get designs off-center or crooked.

As for the stamper itself, it's described as 'squishy firm' on the website - which is what I would say too. I have a Konad stamper and MoYou London's rectangular stamper for comparison, and this is definitely more squishy than the Konad, but not as squishy as the MoYou.

It worked right away without any extra cleaning or priming, which is great. I only used some tape to remove dust. After using it to stamp, I also used tape again to remove the bits of leftover polish. I've read online that clear stampers can become cloudy if you use acetone to clean it, so I avoided using that. Tape cleans it just fine anyway.

I've only tested it with UberChic stamping plates so far, and with three polishes (Konad black, MoYou "White Knight", Sally Hansen "Bronze Ablaze"), but overall I had no problems with picking up the pattern. Here I tested it out on my UberMat with a pattern from UberChic 4-03 and Konad black stamping polish:

Clear stamper with lid, review by polilish

Clear stamper with lid, review by polilish
Stamping perfection indeed!

Finally - more photos of my manicure, and details of what I used are at the end.
ILNP Paper Route swatch by polilish
Swatch of ILNP "Paper Route", a soft pale grey with holographic rainbow sparkles. I love this!

ILNP Paper Route with gold delicate stamping by polilish
Probably should have used a darker colour to stamp with, though.

Things I used:
  • Base coat: UNT "Ready For Takeoff" peel-off base coat
  • Holographic pale grey: ILNP "Paper Route", 3 coats for opacity
  • Bronze stamped patterns: Sally Hansen "Bronze Ablaze"
  • Stamping: UberChic 4-01 (swirly leaves) and 4-03 (heart) plates, clear stamper
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow "HK Girl"
Thanks for reading, let me know what you think about the clear stamper in the comments and if you have any questions!

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