Thursday, 18 February 2016

Gradient with dragonfly stamping + holo top coat!

My nails match my favourite pair of gloves! (Read on for the dragonflies and holo...)

Pink-purple-green gradient nails by polilish
The purples that I had were either too dark or too light - I settled for too dark.
I had a feeling that this would look really pretty with a glitter topper. I recently bought a holographic top coat that I couldn't wait to try out, so -

Dragonfly nails by polilish

This holographic topper is "My Private Rainbow" by ILNP; I bought mine from Rainbow Connection UK. ILNP has 4 versions of My Private Rainbow - following Didoline's recommendation (with the help of Google translate) I bought the Scattered one.

I stamped on the dragonflies before adding the holo top coat - this is now three manicures in a row that I've used an UberChic stamping plate! I used my clear stamper, which I reviewed in my previous post, so that I could position the dragonflies where I wanted them. Full details on all the items I used are at the end of this post.

Dragonfly nails by polilish
I went a little overboard cleaning up my thumb cuticle - just focus on the rainbow sparkles!

I've also posted a video on Instagram of how I did this. Disclaimer: the dragonfly that I stamped onto my middle nail in the video actually didn't make it to the final design, because it was crooked. The sides of my nails are quite curved, so stamping using a non-squishy stamper is quite a challenge for me.

To fix this, I simply used a toothpick to gently scratch off the stamped dragonfly. But to do this, make sure that the layer of polish on which you are stamping is completely, 100% dry, and preferably is a layer of dried top coat! This minimises the risk of scratching away any colours underneath.

Finally, here's everything I used, in order, for this design:
  • UNT "Ready for Takeoff" peel-off base coat
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "French White Tip" - 2 coats of a white polish. I used this just so that the gradient colours would stand out better.
  • Gradient: first I put Bliss Kiss "Simply Peel" latex barrier on the skin around my nail, for speedy clean up. Then with a latex-free makeup sponge, I sponged on Beauty Bay "Fashion Avenue" (pink), "Newbury Street" (purple-grey) and The Body Shop "Minty Amour" (blue-green). In total I sponged on 3 coats for each nail to reach opacity. (Sponge on the first layer, let dry for 2-3 minutes, then sponge on the second.)
  • Stamping: UberChic 4-01, clear stamper with lid
  • ILNP "My Private Rainbow (S)"
  • Glisten & Glow "HK Girl" glossy quick-dry top coat

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