Sunday, 13 March 2016

Geometric/mosaic tips using reverse stamping

This was my take on a "mosaic" theme from @clairestelle8's challenge on Instagram. It's my first time using the reverse stamping method, which took quite a bit of trial and error, but I'm really happy with the outcome. Read on to find out how I did it.

Geometric reverse stamped nail design featuring ILNP Paper Route, by polilish

A true mosaic involves putting together little pieces of material to make a pattern, but I thought I
would save time by faking it with this pattern from MoYou London's "Enchanted 16" stamping plate. At first, I tried making multiple decals at once using my UberMat. This involves putting down strips of topcoat on the mat, letting that dry, then stamping the pattern over those strips. Unfortunately, my stampers kept picking the topcoat right off the mat when I stamped the pattern on. I haven't figured out how to fix this! This happened with both my squishy MoYou London stamper and my regular rubber Konad one.

So instead, I just made the decals right on the stamper heads. I have four stampers, but only two were behaving when I did this, so it took me a while to make all four decals. Here's the process, using my Konad stamper:

Reverse stamping step-by-step, by polilish

Some details:
  1. Pick up the image as usual with the stamper.
  2. I added a layer of holographic glitter (ILNP's "My Private Rainbow") as I wanted to add some shine to the pattern. I got this idea from this design by @glitterfingersss on Instagram. Let it dry.
  3. I added Cirque Colors' "Jane on Jane St" here. Let it dry completely too.
  4. Peel the decal off! 

Typically, a layer of topcoat is added just before step 4. This does make the decal easier to peel off, and the decal will be less flimsy. However, I found that thinner, flimsier decals actually worked better for me, as it was much easier to make them conform to the shape of my nails. After struggling with a topcoated decal on my pinky, I tried to pick the decal up without topcoat, and was much happier with the result.

And finally, add a thin layer of polish to your nail so that the decal can stick to it. Gently press down, and use a brush dipped in nail polish remover to dissolve away the excess decal.

Geometric reverse stamped nail design featuring ILNP Paper Route, by polilish

Everything I used:
  • Peel-off base coat: UNT "Ready for Takeoff"
  • Holographic light grey: ILNP "Paper Route" (2 coats)
  • Reverse stamping: MoYou London "Enchanted 16", Konad black, ILNP "My Private Rainbow" (scattered), Cirque Colors "Jane on Jane St".
  • Glossy quick-dry top coat: Glisten & Glow "HK Girl"

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