Wednesday, 23 March 2016

'Nail art heroes' collaboration March 2016

Michelle at Marginailia recently came up with a monthly collaboration with the theme 'Nail art heroes'. When I saw the results of last month's collab (which was the first) I was keen to join in the next round, because I instantly have someone in mind when I think of the person that first inspired me to try out nail art - Jane of Nailside.

Jane is known for her tape designs, and she was doing them at a time before mass-produced pre-cut nail vinyls. I was so impressed at how she was painting lightning bolts and zigzags and even Christmas trees just with the help of cut up tape. And because these designs only called for tape and scissors, and no other special nail art tool, they were a great starting point for a beginner. My first attempt at a nail design, which I have a photo of in my first post, was completely Nailside-inspired.

Jane has also recently returned from a hiatus, and so for the collaboration I decided to recreate her latest design. Read on for more photos and to see how I did this. Also do check out the other entries to the collaboration at Marginailia's Instagram post!

Purple tape manicure inspired by Nailside, by polilish

I started out with this dark purple colour, 'Antique Amethyst' by Passion Lacquer, which I won in a recent giveaway. It applies smoothly and has a very glossy finish, even without topcoat. Because I rely on sunlight for my photos, you can see the window reflected in my nails.

'Antique Amethyst' by Passion Lacquer, swatch by polilish
Two coats of 'Antique Amethyst' + top coat
After the top coat was completely dry (at least 15 minutes for quick-dry top coat), I stuck on straight vinyls (purchased from Nail-Mail UK) as shown below, added this lilac-bronze holographic duochrome (what a description) to the tip of the nail, and removed the vinyls. Lastly I added two little dots of 'Antique Amethyst' with a dotting tool.

Tape manicure tutorial by polilish

Another look at the result:
Purple tape manicure inspired by Nailside, by polilish

The lilac-bronze duochrome that I added is 'Cold Hearts', from the Bow Polish collection by Dance Legend. It's really, really pretty - I definitely want to use it again more prominently!

Thanks for reading - let me know in the comments if you're also a Nailside fan!

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