Sunday, 20 March 2016

Simple polka dot nails with Cadillacquer

I have a couple of designs that I've posted to Instagram but haven't blogged about. One of them will soon appear in another post, where I'll round up three designs that I did/will do using polishes from Femme Fatale Cosmetics' recent After-Light Gala collection. I wasn't going to blog about the other one, but since it'll be a few days more before my next post - here it is.

I started out with this beautiful light teal polish with fine holographic glitter by Cadillacquer - called 'Nothing Burns Like the Cold'. I know it's a reference to Game of Thrones, but unfortunately I don't get the allusion as I haven't read the books or seen the shows. But I can definitely appreciate how pretty this is!

Cadillacquer 'Nothing Burns Like the Cold' swatch, by polilish
Two coats + top coat

My initial plan was to add a drag marble design - I practised many times on my UberMat and had it figured out. Unfortunately, I decided to film myself doing the design on my actual nails, and my camera setup was such that I had to have my nails pointing away from me. I had practised the design the other way round - so I messed it up! I deleted the footage that I had, which I now think is a bit of a shame, because in hindsight they were rather comical. (For a successful drag marble, do have a look at my floral drag marble design.)

So, I repainted 'Nothing Burns' on the three nails that I botched, then decided to just go back to basics with this polka dot design. I used a dotting tool and Nails Inc's 'Chelsea Embankment'.

Polka dot nail design featuring Cadillacquer 'Nothing Burns Like the Cold', by polilish
It was very cloudy when I took this photo, so sadly the holographic glitter doesn't show here.

Once you figure out how to space the dots properly, this design is really simple. I start with a vertical line down the center of my nail, then place the other dots in relation to that line, so that they end up all evenly spaced out. I also wipe excess polish off the tool, on my UberMat or just on a paper towel, to make sure I get the same size of dots each time.

Stay tuned - this week I'm joining in Marginailia's Nail Art Heroes collaboration!

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