Friday, 29 April 2016

Delicate gradient and stamping with A-England

This is my fourth design in a row using the reverse stamping method! This and my previous ornate design don't need reverse stamping, as I could achieve accurate pattern placement using a clear, see-through stamper. But last time I still got a crooked pattern despite using a clear stamper - because the pattern got distorted when I pressed the stamper down onto my curved nail - so I just stuck with reverse stamping this time.

Delicate gradient and stamping with A-England 'Her Rose Adagio', 'Virgin Queen', 'Incense Burner'

The idea for this came from my A-England polishes that I recently bought (they were on sale!) - I saw the bottles side-by-side and I thought they would look good in a gradient. Read on for all the details, more photos including macros - and another video tutorial!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ornate nail design with Emily de Molly 'Calibrated'

Time for the final theme on clairestelle8's challenge (for April) - nail charms/studs. I've actually used rhinestones for this design - close enough!

Ornate nail art with Emily de Molly 'Calibrated' and Bundle Monster festival plate

I used one of Bundle Monster's festival stamping plates (BM-S308) for this. Read on to find out how I did this, plus more photos including close-up macros!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Flowers and butterflies using reverse stamping

Here's my take on the 'butterflies' prompt on the clairestelle8 challenge. I think it's one of my favourite designs I've done so far!

Reverse stamped nails with flowers and butterflies, featuring Pahlish 'Such Great Heights'

Read on for the full details - and another video tutorial! I also got a new macro lens for my camera, so there are some cool close-up photos - have a look!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Green and gold reverse stamping

Today the theme on clairestelle8's challenge is green, and this was rather tricky because green polishes are not my favourite. I do own several, because I don't dislike the colour green, but I find that I often don't really like how they look on my nails.

After many experiments on my UberMat I decided on this green and gold design. The gold sections on the middle and ring fingers were done using the 'reverse stamping' method.

Green and gold reverse stamping with UberChic 1-02, by polilish

Read on to find out how I did this - there is a video! It is sped up and condensed to fit Instagram's 15-second video limit (I haven't received the 60-second update yet), but I've described bits that the video leaves out. Do also check out my posts on the previous challenge themes - nautical, water, and spiral.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Nautical nails with 'Don't Forget the Cannoli'

I've been on a Cirque Colors roll! This is the third of the three polishes that I bought from their new additions to their Metropolis collection. I would get them all if I could!

I'm also back on clairestelle8's challenge, after sitting out the past two prompts. Here's my take on the 'Nautical' theme - do read on to see how I did this.

Nautical nails with Emily de Molly 'Powder Blue', by polilish
Nautical stamping + stripes. Bottle: Emily de Molly 'Powder Blue' stamping polish

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Half-moon design with Cirque Colors 'Chelsea Girl'

I just wanted to do something simple this round, so I decided against completing the 'Cities' prompt of clairestelle8's challenge. I definitely will join in again next time on the 'Nautical' prompt, however!

So today I ended up with this matte half-moon design, featuring another polish from Cirque Colors' new additions to their Metropolis collection, 'Chelsea Girl'. Read on to see how I did this, and for a photo of the design before I added matte top coat.

Matte half moon manicure with Cirque Colors 'Chelsea Girl' and Nails Inc 'Chelsea Embankment', by polilish

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Double-stamped nails with Cirque Colors 'Whitney'

I recently got a few new polishes from Cirque Colors' latest releases, including three colours from the Metropolis collection. I only owned one Cirque Colors polish before this - Jane on Jane St, which I used in my sideways French tip design - and I was looking forward to getting more creme polishes by this brand, because their creme formulas are flawless. ('Creme' = opaque, glossy polish with no glitter or other extra bits.)

Cirque Colors 'Whitney', swatch by polilish
Cirque Colors 'Whitney' - two coats, no topcoat

This is 'Whitney', a very pale, pastel pink. Usually, such pale colours require at least three coats to be opaque and smooth, and it's common for them to be streaky and patchy upon application (thus requiring more coats to even out). But Whitney only needed two coats for opacity, and it applied incredibly smoothly - no streak or bald patch in sight. Even if you do get the odd streak - typically from using too many brushstrokes - the polish gradually levels out on the nail as it dries. In the swatch above I didn't even use top coat, and the finish is already very glossy.

Now that I'm done raving over this - time to get on to the design!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Waterfall nails with Cadillacquer & ILNP

For the second prompt of clairestelle8's April challenge - Water - I decided to try out the waterfall design. I first found this a while ago on Nailasaurus, and now seemed a great time to finally attempt it.

Holographic waterfall nail design by polilish
A rather sparkly waterfall. Bottle: ILNP 'Lulu'
I'm very pleased with how this turned out! With a good nail art brush and a steady hand, this is surprisingly quick to do, and with a good colour combination the outcome is very striking. Read on for more photos and details (and a swatch of Cadillacquer's 'Dreams and Dust').

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Spiral nail design with 'Merge' & 'Bridal Veil'

A new month means new nail art challenges! These are sets of themes or prompts that one can follow throughout the month. I've been following @clairestelle8's challenge since December; unfortunately I have not actually completed all of the prompts for a given month, due to time constraints and/or nail fails. But I like a lot of the themes that Claire chooses, and I'm looking forward to attempting the April challenge.

First up in April is Spirals, which is great as I have some spiral-shaped nail vinyls that I hadn't tried out (bought from She Sells Seashells), The two polishes that I used are also by brands that I hadn't used before this - Picture Polish and A-England. Keep reading to see how I did this!

Spiral nail design with piCture pOlish 'Merge' and A-England 'Bridal Veil', by polilish