Saturday, 9 April 2016

Double-stamped nails with Cirque Colors 'Whitney'

I recently got a few new polishes from Cirque Colors' latest releases, including three colours from the Metropolis collection. I only owned one Cirque Colors polish before this - Jane on Jane St, which I used in my sideways French tip design - and I was looking forward to getting more creme polishes by this brand, because their creme formulas are flawless. ('Creme' = opaque, glossy polish with no glitter or other extra bits.)

Cirque Colors 'Whitney', swatch by polilish
Cirque Colors 'Whitney' - two coats, no topcoat

This is 'Whitney', a very pale, pastel pink. Usually, such pale colours require at least three coats to be opaque and smooth, and it's common for them to be streaky and patchy upon application (thus requiring more coats to even out). But Whitney only needed two coats for opacity, and it applied incredibly smoothly - no streak or bald patch in sight. Even if you do get the odd streak - typically from using too many brushstrokes - the polish gradually levels out on the nail as it dries. In the swatch above I didn't even use top coat, and the finish is already very glossy.

Now that I'm done raving over this - time to get on to the design!

Delicate double stamped nail design featuring Cirque Colors 'Whitney', by polilish

This is actually a recreation of a design done by @allwaspolished - follow the link to see her original work. I did this as part of a giveaway that Justine of @beherenail is holding, where one can get an extra entry by recreating a manicure done by someone with a small nail account. The extra entry is great of course - but being a little-known blogger myself, I think the idea is wonderful.

Double stamping in progress
Work in progress! The shiny stuff on the skin around my nails is a latex barrier for easy clean-up.
It's also my first time attempting double stamping, which is just regular stamping except each nail gets stamped twice. This leaf pattern is from UberChic's 1-02, and I used MoYou London's 'White Knight' and Sally Hansen's 'Bronze Ablaze'.

One more photo with my orchids!
Delicate double stamped nail design by polilish
Who's prettier?

Thanks for reading - next time I hope to be back with my take on the 'Cities' prompt from the clairestelle8 challenge!