Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Green and gold reverse stamping

Today the theme on clairestelle8's challenge is green, and this was rather tricky because green polishes are not my favourite. I do own several, because I don't dislike the colour green, but I find that I often don't really like how they look on my nails.

After many experiments on my UberMat I decided on this green and gold design. The gold sections on the middle and ring fingers were done using the 'reverse stamping' method.

Green and gold reverse stamping with UberChic 1-02, by polilish

Read on to find out how I did this - there is a video! It is sped up and condensed to fit Instagram's 15-second video limit (I haven't received the 60-second update yet), but I've described bits that the video leaves out. Do also check out my posts on the previous challenge themes - nautical, water, and spiral.

This is actually reverse stamping at its simplest - I only painted one colour over the stamped pattern. It is possible to use more colours to fill in the pattern, as I've done before with my mosaic nails. I chose to reverse-stamp because I wanted a contrasting gold stripe in the middle of the green.

I started with a base colour of Revlon's 'Emerald', a deep green colour. To this, I added the decal that I made by reverse stamping. This involves picking up the pattern from the stamping plate, adding a different colour over that, then letting all of that dry. When it's dry, peel it up to get the decal!

It's easier to watch this than to read about it, which is partly why I made a video although my lighting is still not great. I'll go ahead and embed the video here - you can also watch it on my Instagram. I've listed all the things I used at the end of this post.

A video posted by Lili 🌷 (@polilish) on

Some key things that the video doesn't show:
  • I let the decal dry for a good 20 minutes. Peeling up a still-wet decal can ruin it entirely, so I didn't take the risk.
  • I trimmed the decal into strips using a pen knife and a ruler.
  • I used a brush dipped into nail polish remover to dissolve away the excess decal. 
  • Smoothen it all out with a generous layer of quick-dry top coat!

Green and gold reverse stamping with UberChic 1-02, by polilish

For my index, pinky and thumb I simply used dotting tools - of two sizes - to add dots of 'Liquid Gold' for a simple accent. I find applying decals to my curved nails quite the task - I have to prod at it for ages to get it to adhere properly - so I wasn't keen on reverse-stamping all of my nails!

Lastly, here's the list of everything I used:
  • Base coat: UNT 'Ready for Takeoff' peel-off base coat
  • Dark green: Revlon 'Emerald', two coats
  • Gold: MoYou London 'Liquid Gold' 
  • Stamping pattern: UberChic Beauty 1-02 plate
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow 'HK Girl'

Next up on clairestelle8's challenge is butterflies - stay tuned!

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