Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Half-moon design with Cirque Colors 'Chelsea Girl'

I just wanted to do something simple this round, so I decided against completing the 'Cities' prompt of clairestelle8's challenge. I definitely will join in again next time on the 'Nautical' prompt, however!

So today I ended up with this matte half-moon design, featuring another polish from Cirque Colors' new additions to their Metropolis collection, 'Chelsea Girl'. Read on to see how I did this, and for a photo of the design before I added matte top coat.

Matte half moon manicure with Cirque Colors 'Chelsea Girl' and Nails Inc 'Chelsea Embankment', by polilish

I wanted Chelsea Girl as soon as I saw a swatch of it online. Purple is my favourite colour, and Cirque Colors creme polishes have incredible formulas (as I previously raved over), so this immediately went on my to-buy list. I wasn't disappointed!

Cirque Colors 'Chelsea Girl', swatch by polilish
Cirque Colors 'Chelsea Girl' - two coats + topcoat
After putting this on I realised it's quite a true purple - neither red-leaning nor blue-leaning - which makes it all the better in my books! The formula is of course wonderful, applying very smoothly and achieving opacity in two easy coats.

As I was after a simple, fuss-free design, I settled on adding gold half-moons to this. I reached for my french tip vinyls (which I've used before in my sideways French tip), but I noticed that it didn't have enough curvature for a half-moon.

I then remembered that some people use hole-punch reinforcement stickers for the half-moon, so I knew that I just needed something rounder. Then I saw my spiral vinyls, which I previously used for my spiral design.

Half-moon manicure how-to, by polilish
I was quite pleased with myself for figuring this out!
I carefully made two cuts on either side so that I could peel off the top part of the vinyl, as you can see in the photo above. And the remaining bit of the spiral vinyl is still very much usable for a spiral design if I want, so I'm really getting good use out of this!

I filled in the space with Nails Inc's 'Chelsea Embankment' - and I'm only now just realising, as I type this, that the polishes I've used are 'Chelsea Girl' and 'Chelsea Embankment'! Here's what it looked like with glossy top coat.

Half moon manicure with Cirque Colors 'Chelsea Girl' and Nails Inc 'Chelsea Embankment', by polilish
Chelsea Girl + Chelsea Embankment
Quite classy-looking, no? I definitely thought so, until it suddenly struck me that this purple is basically identical to Cadbury's purple packaging! I can no longer un-see it...

I'll be back in a few days with a nautical design, stay tuned!

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