Saturday, 16 April 2016

Nautical nails with 'Don't Forget the Cannoli'

I've been on a Cirque Colors roll! This is the third of the three polishes that I bought from their new additions to their Metropolis collection. I would get them all if I could!

I'm also back on clairestelle8's challenge, after sitting out the past two prompts. Here's my take on the 'Nautical' theme - do read on to see how I did this.

Nautical nails with Emily de Molly 'Powder Blue', by polilish
Nautical stamping + stripes. Bottle: Emily de Molly 'Powder Blue' stamping polish
Of course, I have to start by singing more praises for another incredible creme polish by Cirque Colors. 'Don't Forget the Cannoli' is a lovely ivory colour, just off-white enough that you could wear it on its own.

Cirque Colors 'Don't Forget the Cannoli', two coats with topcoat; swatch by polilish
Cirque Colors 'Don't Forget the Cannoli' - two coats + topcoat
Again, I only needed two coats for opacity, which is not the norm for such a light colour - you would expect three coats at least. Like 'Chelsea Girl' and 'Whitney', the other two cremes that I have from the same collection, this also applies smoothly, with no streaks or patches.

As for the nautical design, I knew I wanted to include the typical blue-and-white stripes, but I didn't want to only have stripes. I decided I would add the stripes to a stamped pattern, and this pattern from MoYou London's Sailor 04 plate was perfect. I used a stamping polish called 'Powder Blue' by Emily de Molly, and a new clear stamper, pictured below, which is the clear 'jumbo' stamper by Fab Ur Nails (I bought mine from Rainbow Connection UK).

Work in progress!
I wanted to leave some space at the tip of the nail for the stripes, and with the clear stamper I could accurately and consistently position the pattern on all of my nails. I won't review this stamper here, as it would involve a lot of detail - overall, it works well for me, the large size is especially helpful for pressing the pattern onto my curved nails.

After that, I added quick-dry top coat (I use Glisten & Glow's 'HK Girl') and let that dry (15 minutes), as my next step was to stick on striping tape as a guide for the stripes. The dried top coat makes sure that the tape doesn't peel up any polish underneath.

I added 'Powder Blue' to the tips, making sure not to go over the edge of the inner stripe, then peeled off the tape. Add another layer of top coat to smooth it all out, and it's done!

Nautical nails with Cirque Colors 'Don't Forget the Cannoli', by polilish

I should note that 'Powder Blue' does appear more pastel in real life than in these photos - it really is a powder blue as the name says. My camera just wouldn't capture it accurately.

Do let me know what you think by leaving a comment! On the next post I'll be tackling the theme 'Green' from the challenge - lots of room for interpretation so hopefully I'll come up with something interesting.

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