Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ornate nail design with Emily de Molly 'Calibrated'

Time for the final theme on clairestelle8's challenge (for April) - nail charms/studs. I've actually used rhinestones for this design - close enough!

Ornate nail art with Emily de Molly 'Calibrated' and Bundle Monster festival plate

I used one of Bundle Monster's festival stamping plates (BM-S308) for this. Read on to find out how I did this, plus more photos including close-up macros!

I started with Emily de Molly's 'Calibrated', and I absolutely had to take a swatch photo, as it's gorgeous enough on its own.

Emily de Molly 'Calibrated', two coats with top coat. Swatch by polilish
Emily de Molly 'Calibrated' - two coats + top coat
The dark purple is a jelly polish, which is translucent with a single coat. It's filled with colourful flakes and holographic glitter. Layering a second coat adds an interesting depth, as some of the glitters underneath peek through the second coat.

The flakes and glitters really pop in the macro shot:
Emily de Molly 'Calibrated', two coats with top coat. Macro swatch by polilish
Zooming in on my thumb!
My plan was to stamp on the pattern from the Bundle Monster plate, using a clear stamper so that I could neatly center it on my nails. Unfortunately the stamping gods were not so kind. First I had trouble picking up the pattern with the clear stamper - but in my previous design, you can see in the video that it picked up perfectly! Then, when I did get it to pick up, I still managed to stamp the pattern crooked on my nail, even though I could see where the pattern was going.

So - I resorted to reverse stamping again! The stamping polish I used is Hit the Bottle's 'Champagne Shifter'.

I used my trusty MoYou London rectangular stamper, which picks up very reliably partly because it has a sticky surface. I added a layer of base coat over the pattern, as shown above. (Any clear polish would work here. I don't use top coat because top coat dries to a harder, more rigid layer, which is difficult for me to fit to my curved nails.) After 15 minutes, the decal will be dry and can be gently peeled off the stamper, then affixed to the nail.

Ornate nail art with Emily de Molly 'Calibrated' and Bundle Monster festival plate
Taken under sunlight - the holographic glitter comes to life! Bottle: 'Champagne Shifter'
Then I added a tiny bit of top coat to the center of the pattern, so that I could stick on the light pink rhinestones. To seal them in, I topped off the whole design with a generous layer of quick-dry top coat.

Finally, some close-ups!

Ornate nail art close up macro
Thumb nail.
Ornate nail art close up macro
Index finger.
I managed to do six out of the eight prompts on April's clairestelle8 challenge! I skipped Neon because I don't have any neon polishes, and Cities because I wasn't up for a complicated design that time. You can find all of my nail art for the challenge here.

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