Saturday, 2 April 2016

Spiral nail design with 'Merge' & 'Bridal Veil'

A new month means new nail art challenges! These are sets of themes or prompts that one can follow throughout the month. I've been following @clairestelle8's challenge since December; unfortunately I have not actually completed all of the prompts for a given month, due to time constraints and/or nail fails. But I like a lot of the themes that Claire chooses, and I'm looking forward to attempting the April challenge.

First up in April is Spirals, which is great as I have some spiral-shaped nail vinyls that I hadn't tried out (bought from She Sells Seashells), The two polishes that I used are also by brands that I hadn't used before this - Picture Polish and A-England. Keep reading to see how I did this!

Spiral nail design with piCture pOlish 'Merge' and A-England 'Bridal Veil', by polilish

I started out with Picture Polish's 'Merge', which was recently released. This was three thin coats for opacity, with top coat. It's now a new favourite of mine - it's a lovely taupe colour, and the little silver flakes add a wonderful layer of interest without overwhelming the neutral tone. It dries very smooth and shiny.

piCture pOlish 'Merge', swatch by polilish

Next, I added the spiral vinyls, as shown below. I made sure to leave a little bit of the vinyl past the edges of my nails, so that I had something to grip in order to remove them later.

How to: Spiral nail design using nail vinyls, by polilish

I actually trimmed down the spiral vinyls by snipping away the outer ring, because I only wanted a small swirl. You can see in the photo above that the vinyls on the sheet have more swirls than the ones on my nails.

With the vinyls positioned - they have to be stuck down very well, to prevent polish from seeping underneath - I added one coat of 'Bridal Veil' by A-England. Then using tweezers I carefully peeled off the vinyls, and added dots of 'Merge' to complete the design using a dotting tool.

Spiral nail design with piCture pOlish 'Merge' and A-England 'Bridal Veil', by polilish

I can't end this without raving over 'Bridal Veil'! I've heard that A-England's polishes are often smooth and opaque with just one coat, and it's definitely true for this one. One might think that being a black polish, it's no surprise that Bridal Veil is opaque in one coat, but most dark polishes still do need at least two coats for an even, opaque finish. And look at all that rainbow holo glitter!

So now I'll have to have a think about the next prompt on the challenge, which is 'Water' - there is absolutely no way I will be interpreting that as 'watermarble'!

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