Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Waterfall nails with Cadillacquer & ILNP

For the second prompt of clairestelle8's April challenge - Water - I decided to try out the waterfall design. I first found this a while ago on Nailasaurus, and now seemed a great time to finally attempt it.

Holographic waterfall nail design by polilish
A rather sparkly waterfall. Bottle: ILNP 'Lulu'
I'm very pleased with how this turned out! With a good nail art brush and a steady hand, this is surprisingly quick to do, and with a good colour combination the outcome is very striking. Read on for more photos and details (and a swatch of Cadillacquer's 'Dreams and Dust').

I started out with this soft grey polish with holographic glitter and green shimmer, called 'Dreams and Dust', by Cadillacquer. It's from the same collection as 'Nothing Burns Like the Cold', which I swatched in an earlier post.

Cadillacquer 'Dreams and Dust', swatch by polilish
Cadillacquer 'Dreams and Dust', 3 thin coats + top coat
Very pretty indeed! It is somewhat similar to ILNP's 'Paper Route', which I've recently used in my reverse-stamped mosaic design. Dreams and Dust has the additional green shimmer, and Paper Route is brighter, almost silver.

Then I used a thin striping brush to add stripes of three colours to form the 'waterfall'. I recommend the video tutorial on the Nailasaurus - I followed that for this design, and I can't describe the process better myself. The three colours I used for the waterfall are all by ILNP - 'Lulu', 'Bulletproof Symphony', and 'Skyscraper'.

Holographic waterfall nail design by polilish
Bottle: ILNP 'Bulletproof Symphony'
I think a good brush makes this a much easier job. I used Picture Polish's #4 brush, which I really recommend. I was not able to find a stockist for Picture Polish brushes in the UK, so I got mine from Finland's CesarsShop.

I painted the stripes one colour at a time - I started with the darkest blue, 'Lulu', then next to those I added stripes of the silver 'Bulletproof Symphony', then filled in the remaining spaces with the bright blue 'Skyscraper'. To build up opacity I did have to go over each stripe again - this could probably be avoided by using darker creme polishes rather than bright glitter ones!

Holographic waterfall nail design by polilish
Bottle: ILNP 'Skyscraper'
I will actually be skipping the next prompt on the challenge, which is Neon - because unfortunately I don't own any neon polishes! I have something else planned instead, and in the meantime why not check out my design for the previous prompt, Spirals.

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