Friday, 17 June 2016

ABC Challenge 'G': Gold geometric nails

For this week's ABC Challenge (we're now at the letter G!) I've done a simple geometric design using gold foil and a magnetic polish.

Geometric gold foil nails using temporary tattoos, by polilish

It has been a busy week for me again, so I changed my mind about doing a glitter placement, and instead went for this really quick and easy look using temporary tattoos. It's even easier than using water decals! Check out the full post for the video tutorial and more photos.

To add some interest to this simple design, I used a magnetic polish - this is 'Dirty Love' by Dance Legend. It's a dark purple with metallic gold shimmer, which is attracted to the magnet; there is also blue-green shimmer that isn't drawn to the magnet. I used one thick coat over a black base (China Glaze 'Liquid Leather'), and sadly the black polish made the dark purple look quite brown.

Swatch of Dance Legend 'Dirty Love' (magnetic), one thick coat over a black polish.
Dance Legend 'Dirty Love', one thick coat over a black polish

I still don't fully get how magnetic polishes end up with this 3-D effect. I know that the magnet attracts the metallic particles together, but then why do they appear to shift around as I move my hand under a light? Have a look at the video to see what I mean by the shifting!

This temporary tattoo technique has been around a long time, I remember first seeing them on YouTube many years ago. After some Googling, the earliest YouTube video I could find about this method is this one by Style Minded. For a more recent video, which also features foil tattoos, have a look at this one by Nails by Cambria.

By the way, the temporary tattoos I used were a little freebie that came with my order from Hypnotic Polish a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what brand they are, as I only got the sheet of tattoos without any packaging.

Geometric gold foil nails using temporary tattoos, by polilish
Ring finger close-up. You can see the blue-green shimmer quite clearly here.

Although these tattoos are somewhat easier to use than water decals, I would actually prefer to use the latter. The tattoos are more difficult to position as you have to place them face-down, and you can't see the pattern as you do so. They also rely on a lot of glue to stick to the nail surface, and this leaves some residue around the pattern which dulled the polish underneath (which you can see in the macro shot). I tried to scrape and wash off some of this excess glue, but it didn't help very much.

Geometric gold foil nails using temporary tattoos, by polilish

Also, as mentioned in my video, I didn't add a final layer of quick-dry top coat to avoid dulling and cracking the foil. I did try it out on my right hand, and while the result wasn't too bad, it was noticeably duller. (I used Glisten & Glow's 'HK Girl'.) Janelle of elleandish has a useful video on top-coating foil - she found that a water-based top coat affected foil the least, but I don't have one of those.

Effect of quick-dry top coat on foil
Quick-dry top coat dulls and cracks foil
Unfortunately, because I did not seal in the foil with top coat, little bits of it started to rub and scratch off as I went about my day, and by the end of the afternoon the patterns were noticeably patchy. They might last a day or so if I had been very careful, but the foil is very delicate.

That's it for this week! Next week I should have more free time, and I hope to get some reverse stamping done for the letter 'H' - stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the other 'G' nail designs by following the links below.

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