Friday, 24 June 2016

ABC Challenge 'H': Hibiscus nail art

It's ABC Challenge day again! Last week for the letter 'G' I did a geometric design, and at the end of that post I mentioned that I hoped to do some reverse stamping this week. I have indeed managed to do so, and here are my Hibiscus nails for the letter 'H'.

Hibiscus nail art using reverse stamping, by polilish

Do check out the full post for more details, photos, and the video tutorial!

At the moment I am actually back home in Malaysia, which is where I grew up. (I'm usually in England, where I'm a PhD student.) It wasn't easy deciding which polishes would travel with me! As I'm visiting for a month, I had to pack quite a few. I knew I wanted to do a hibiscus design, so I made sure to include this beauty.

Colors by Llarowe 'Party in Rio' swatch, three coats with top coat. From Paint the Rainbow May 2016
Colors by Llarowe 'Party in Rio' - three coats + top coat
This is Colors by Llarowe's 'Party in Rio', and it is exclusive to the May 2016 nail polish box put together by Paint the Rainbow. It's a bright red jelly (translucent polish) packed with red-pink and holographic glitter. It was very difficult not to be reminded of strawberry jam as I applied this!

The hibiscus is actually Malaysia's national flower, so this is especially appropriate now that I'm at home. The pattern I used is from UberChic Beauty's 9-01 summer-themed stamping plate. Here's the video showing how I did the reverse stamping:

I repeated the same process for the other fingers, just positioning the patterns differently. Reverse stamping is really growing on me, it can be time-consuming and tricky but the outcomes are usually really worth the effort. I've been meaning to try and find out who came up with this method; whoever it is really deserves much more recognition for it! If you know who it was, please do let me know in the comments below!

Hibiscus nail art using reverse stamping, by polilish

Hibiscus nail art using reverse stamping, by polilish

You would think it's easy to get a photo under sunlight as I'm in Malaysia, but it's actually been very cloudy lately! But the sun did show itself earlier this afternoon, so in the photo below all the glittery goodness of Party in Rio is a bit more apparent.

Finally, in case you're wondering, here's a full list of everything I used for this design:
🌺 Beige with silver flakes - piCture pOlish 'Merge'
🌺 Stamping plate - UberChic Beauty 9-01
🌺 Black stamping polish - Konad black
🌺 MoYou London rectangular stamper and scraper
🌺 Red glitter polish - Colors by Llarowe 'Party in Rio'
🌺 Green - Emily de Molly stamping polish
🌺 Sticky base coat - Glisten & Glow 'Stuck on Blu'
🌺 Glisten & Glow 'HK Girl' quick-dry top coat

Be sure to also check out what other nail artists have done for the letter 'H' by following the links below. As I publish this post, two of us have done houndstooth looks, another two have done half-moons, and with this there will be two hibiscus designs!


  1. Beautiful! I need to try this technique but I only have two stampers and I feel like it would be a little tedious doing just two at a time. Did you use multiple stampers or did you just do one at a time?

    1. I do have four stampers but they don't often all behave at the same time! So usually I end up working with two of my more reliable ones, and so indeed the process is time-consuming. But I do find it to be quite relaxing somehow, painting in those tiny pictures! And I definitely don't do all ten of my nails ;)

  2. Wow !!! Your hibiscus are beautiful !!! I love the color you used"

    For reverse stamping, if I want to do all my fingers I usually work on a silicone mat, it's quicker.

    And I do agree with you: reverse stamping is quite relaxing, it's like doing nailart and anti-stress coloring at the same time :D

    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for mentioning the silicone mat, I forgot about that. I'm too used to using my stamper, although I definitely should use the mat more often!

      That's so true, it is just like anti-stress colouring!

  3. I haven't tried reverse stamping yet. I am still learning to stamp properly. Your manicure is beautiful. The stamping turned out perfect :)

    1. Thank you Rosy! Sometimes I find reverse stamping a bit less stressful than normal stamping, because I don't have to worry that the pattern might not stamp well onto the nail.