Wednesday, 31 August 2016

WMPW: French tip watermarble

Today's the last day of August's Watermarble Practice Wednesday, run by @apolishedcolleen on Instagram. I've had a fun time with this challenge this month - you can find my other designs here - black and white swirls, beverage-inspired, and red. (I did miss one of the themes due to catching up on work, unfortunately!)

Today's theme is 'French tip', and I decided to take the prompt literally with these watermarbled French tips.

French tip water marble design featuring Cadillacquer | polilish
Bottle: Cadillacquer 'Nothing Burns Like the Cold'
Have a look at the full post for more details and photos.

Friday, 26 August 2016

ABC Challenge 'Q': Quatrefoil nails

It's Friday again! The ABC Challenge has arrived at the letter 'Q', and for that I've done this quatrefoil design.

Quatrefoil nail art featuring A-England 'Virgin Queen' and 'Incense Burner' | polilish
Bottle: A-England 'Virgin Queen'
This challenge will actually be taking a month's break in September, to accommodate the 31-day nail art challenge. (Something that I definitely won't be taking part in myself!) So the next design for the letter 'R' will be up on October 7 - but I will continue to post other nail art and tutorials in the meantime.

Check out the full post for more details, photos, and the video tutorial.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

WMPW: Red chevron watermarble

Earlier this month I decided to join in another nail art challenge, Watermarble Practice Wednesdays run by @apolishedcolleen on Instagram. I had to miss out on last week's prompt as I was catching up on work, so I'm glad to be back today with this week's theme, red.

Red and white chevron watermarble featuring Leighton Denny 'Feel the Burn'
Bottle: Leighton Denny 'Feel the Burn'
Check out the full post for more details and photos!

Friday, 19 August 2016

ABC Challenge 'P': Palm trees

Welcome back to another instalment of Nail Polish Society's ABC Challenge! This week we've arrived at the letter 'P'. I was all set to do polka dot nails, but then I took a quick glance through my stamping plates and found a palm tree pattern. So I ended up with this palm tree against a pastel sunrise gradient design.

Summer manicure with palm trees and a sunrise gradient | polilish
Bottle: Cirque Colors 'Lox and Sable'
Read on for all the details, more photos, and the video tutorial.

Friday, 12 August 2016

ABC Challenge 'O': Odd one out

It's Friday again - and we've reached the letter O on Nail Polish Society's ABC Challenge. As I mentioned in last week's N for Negative space nails, I had something a little different planned for today's design. Here are my Odd One Out nails - which was entirely thought up by my boyfriend!

Cute bow tie accent nail art featuring Cirque Colors 'Page Six' | polilish
Bottle: Cirque Colors 'Page Six'
Read on for all the details, more photos, and the video tutorial.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

WMPW: Beverage-inspired watermarble

This month I've decided to take on @apolishedcolleen's Watermarble Practice Wednesday challenge. Last week's theme was 'black and white swirls', and if you read that post you might remember that I was not completely successful. However I got a lot of helpful advice on Instagram on how to fix the issue I was having, and today I'm extremely pleased to present my first successful no-cheat watermarble!

Pink swirly watermarble featuring Cirque Colors Metropolis cremes | polilish
Bottle: Cirque Colors 'Jane on Jane St'
This week's theme is 'beverage-inspired'. I was a bit worried for this one as I don't have many watermarble-friendly polishes, but luckily I found these pinks that worked beautifully together for a strawberry smoothie-inspired watermarble. Read on for the full details and to see more photos!

Friday, 5 August 2016

ABC Challenge 'N': Negative space half-moons

Hello again and welcome to another instalment of the ABC Challenge! This week it's time for the letter 'N', and I decided to go with 'negative space'. I didn't really have a concrete plan, I kind of made it up as I went, and I ended up with this half-moon design.

Colour changing thermal manicure featuring Femme Fatale Cosmetics | polilish

The main highlight of this turned out to be the fact that I used two thermal polishes, so depending on the temperature the design has completely different colours! Read on to see more of this '2-in-1' manicure - there's a video tutorial too.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

WMPW: Black and white swirly watermarble

I've decided to join in something new this month - Watermarble Practice Wednesdays! WMPW is run by @apolishedcolleen on Instagram, who picks weekly themes to be interpreted in a watermarble design. This month, the first theme is 'black and white swirls' - so here's my first ever (semi)-successful watermarble! Check out the full post for all the details and more photos.

Black and white holographic watermarble | polilish