Friday, 19 August 2016

ABC Challenge 'P': Palm trees

Welcome back to another instalment of Nail Polish Society's ABC Challenge! This week we've arrived at the letter 'P'. I was all set to do polka dot nails, but then I took a quick glance through my stamping plates and found a palm tree pattern. So I ended up with this palm tree against a pastel sunrise gradient design.

Summer manicure with palm trees and a sunrise gradient | polilish
Bottle: Cirque Colors 'Lox and Sable'
Read on for all the details, more photos, and the video tutorial.

This pairing of palm tree silhouettes with a gradient resembling the sunset is a very popular design - just google 'sunset palm tree nails' - and I used to think I would stay away from it precisely because it's been done so many times. But as the end of summer is fast approaching I wanted to squeeze in at least one more summery manicure, and when I saw the palm tree pattern the design called out to me.

There was one hitch - I don't have any yellow or orange polishes! These colours are highly unlikely to go well with my skin tone so I have never bothered, but I should get around to getting some for nail art purposes. The closest I have is this salmon-pink called 'Lox and Sable' by Cirque Colors. I decided to pair it with a pale blue, 'Meet Me in Montauk' (also Cirque), for a sunrise-looking background. Here's the video tutorial of the whole process.

I was very pleased with the gradient alone, it looks soft and bright at the same time and feels very summery to me. The white polish that I used as a base colour for the gradient is 'Presence' by Pretty Serious.

The palm tree pattern is from Bundle Monster's BM-S303 stamping plate, and I used a black stamping polish by Konad for the silhouettes.

I ended up liking this design a lot, so I took a couple more photos! I couldn't pose my hand in another orientation as I sometimes do since the palm trees wouldn't be right-side-up, so I basically took more photos of me holding different polish bottles...

Summer manicure with palm trees and a sunrise gradient | polilish
Bottle: Cirque Colors 'Meet Me in Montauk'
Summer manicure with palm trees and a sunrise gradient | polilish

And lastly here's the close-up:

Summer manicure with palm trees and a sunrise gradient | polilish

With the weather taking a rather grey turn this weekend where I am, I'm very glad to have a miniature summer scene to brighten my day!

I hope you like this as much as I do, and be sure to have a look at what the other challenge participants have done for the letter P by following the links below. I'll probably be back next Wednesday with my next Watermarble Practice design (having skipped last week), but I am still playing catch-up with my work, so sadly it is possible that I'll have to skip it again. Either way, I'll definitely be back next Friday with my letter Q design!


  1. So pretty! I don't know if I've ever seen that color combination for a sunset/sunrise background, and it is just stunning!

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely got lucky as the salmon pink was pretty much the closest I had to orange, but it paired so well with the pastel blue.

  2. Love the gradient. Very pretty manicure :)