Wednesday, 31 August 2016

WMPW: French tip watermarble

Today's the last day of August's Watermarble Practice Wednesday, run by @apolishedcolleen on Instagram. I've had a fun time with this challenge this month - you can find my other designs here - black and white swirls, beverage-inspired, and red. (I did miss one of the themes due to catching up on work, unfortunately!)

Today's theme is 'French tip', and I decided to take the prompt literally with these watermarbled French tips.

French tip water marble design featuring Cadillacquer | polilish
Bottle: Cadillacquer 'Nothing Burns Like the Cold'
Have a look at the full post for more details and photos.

I did have some doubts about this design because it leaves such a small space for the watermarble pattern. I made sure to draw thin 'petals' in the water so that more of them would fit in the little space, and I think it worked out alright.

Both of the colours I used are by Cadillacquer. (One of my favourite brands!) The blue-green holographic is 'Nothing Burns Like the Cold', which I've used before in this polka dot design. The darker cornflower blue is 'Hiraeth', which is a very lovely shade, and it's a shame I only used it so sparingly here. Both of these polishes watermarbled well.
French tip water marble design featuring Cadillacquer | polilish
Bottle: Cadillacquer 'Hiraeth'
How-to: I started with two coats of 'Nothing Burns Like the Cold', and made sure it was fully dry by adding a layer of quick-dry top coat. Then I used French tip nail vinyls (by RockNailStar) to section off the tips, and covered the rest of the nails with liquid latex (Bliss Kiss 'Simply Peel'), so that the watermarble pattern would end up only on the tips of my nails when the vinyls and latex were peeled off.

It's important to add nail vinyls and liquid latex over completely dry polish, so that they don't pull up the polish underneath when they are peeled off. Also don't use a peel-off base coat underneath!

Lastly, a close-up of my ring finger, which shows off the shimmery finish and holographic sparkle a bit better:
French tip water marble design featuring Cadillacquer | polilish

As mentioned last week, the ABC challenge that I've been participating in is taking a break in September, so there won't be post on that this Friday. Instead, I'll be aiming to have another post up on Sunday, which will be a review featuring some new stamping supplies from Born Pretty Store. See you then!


  1. This is just brilliant. I never seen french tip water marbling before. Its so beautiful :D

    1. Thank you so much :) I wouldn't have thought of the idea if not for the challenge!