Wednesday, 3 August 2016

WMPW: Black and white swirly watermarble

I've decided to join in something new this month - Watermarble Practice Wednesdays! WMPW is run by @apolishedcolleen on Instagram, who picks weekly themes to be interpreted in a watermarble design. This month, the first theme is 'black and white swirls' - so here's my first ever (semi)-successful watermarble! Check out the full post for all the details and more photos.

Black and white holographic watermarble | polilish

Watermarbling was actually one of the first techniques I tried out when I first started dabbling in nail art 4 years ago. Obviously I had no idea back then that it's not exactly for beginners! Unsurprisingly it did not work out, and I've left it well alone ever since. But recently I have been tempted to try it out again, and finally decided to jump in by joining WMPW.

Black and white holographic watermarble | polilish

Unfortunately, I did have to cheat a little bit to get this result. The pattern was done using the standard watermarble method - I added drops of China Glaze 'Liquid Leather' (black) and Pretty Serious 'Presence' (white) to a cup of water and used a watermarble tool (piCture pOlish's #7 tool) to 'draw' the swirls. However, when I dipped my finger into the pattern, the black and white ended up muddying together into gray on my nail. I tested it out with my stampers, and the same thing happened, as you can see here (on the left).

The pattern here is the same - the right one is just the reverse of the left
On the left is how the pattern showed up when I dipped either my nail or the stamper head into the water. But I had also done some testing with my clear stampers, and I noticed that the reverse of the pattern was completely intact! So I let the polish on the stamper above dry completely, peeled it off, and the result is the photo on the right.

Even after lots more tests I just couldn't figure out what was making the polishes blend together, so I ended up using the reversed patterns as decals. I guess you could say I reverse-watermarbled? If you're more familiar with watermarbling and have an idea of what's going wrong here, please do let me know by leaving a comment below!

Black and white holographic watermarble | polilish

Black and white holographic watermarble | polilish

As you can see I added a holographic top coat over the black-and-white swirls - ILNP's 'My Private Rainbow (S)'. On my other fingers, I used a black linear holo polish called 'Higitis Figitis' by Danglefoot Nail Polish. Look at the rainbows!

Danglefoot Nail Polish 'Higitis Figitis' | polilish
Danglefoot Polish 'Higitis Figitis' - two coats + top coat
What do you think of my first watermarble manicure? Let me know in the comments below - and please do let me know too if you know what went wrong with my initial attempts! I'll be back very soon on Friday, with my next ABC challenge design.

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