Friday, 23 September 2016

Dotticure with Meebox polishes (Aug 2016)

Hello and welcome back! This week I've done something fairly simple, using the polishes that came in last month's Boho-themed MeeBox.

Meebox August 2016 Boho box - radial dotticure | polilish
Bottle: Barry M 'Green Berry'
MeeBox is a monthly subscription box for nail polish and nail art products, but you can choose to skip any month if the theme doesn't appeal to you. The three polishes from the Boho box - Cuccio 'Prince I've Been Gone' (deep green), Barry M 'Green Berry', and Zoya 'Aggie' (gold) - go really well together, so I've combined them in this 'dotticure' (dots + manicure).

More photos and details in the full post, plus the video tutorial!

Last August was also MeeBox's first anniversary, so they included an extra gift - a silver midi ring. There were many designs going around, and I got a cute arrow-shaped one.

Meebox August 2016 Boho box - radial dotticure | polilish

This design is relatively easy to do, but it does take a steady hand and a little bit of practice to get a feel for how much pressure to apply when using the dotting tool. I find that pressing down too hard can create a little crater instead of a smooth dot, but if I'm too gentle then the dot won't be the right size.

I think the overall pattern is more effective when viewed from a distance, but here's a close-up anyway!

Meebox August 2016 Boho box - radial dotticure | polilish
Ring finger
That's it for this week, thanks for reading and I hope you found the tutorial helpful! I will be back next Thursday with a new design, do stay tuned. There will be glitter!

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