Friday, 30 September 2016

HPB Presents: Glitter toppers

I'm getting back into a weekly routine here, which will fit very well with the ABC challenge which is picking up again next Friday! We'll be continuing where we left off, with the letter R. This week, I have a design that's part of a different link-up - this is hosted by Hobby Polish Bloggers, a friendly Facebook group for nail bloggers. HPB hosts a link-up every month with a different theme, and for September the theme is Glitter Toppers.

Taupe and pink geometric nail art design by polilish
Bottle: Lacquer Lust 'Hop To It' glitter topper
Read on for more details and photos!

I started out with Zoya 'Leah', which is part of their Satin range that dries to a semi-matte finish. For whatever reason I'm actually often drawn to shades like this, although it's questionable if it goes with my skin tone! This is a lovely light taupe colour, and I found it easy to use - just two coats for opacity, and any lumps or bumps evened out well. Of course, I didn't add top coat for the photo below, as that would add shine and ruin the intended finish.

Zoya 'Leah' swatch, two coats without top coat | polilish
Zoya 'Leah' - two coats, no top coat
But the link-up calls for glitter toppers and so there will be shine and sparkle! Over 'Leah' I added a coat of 'Hop to It' by Lacquer Lust, which has silver holographic microglitter along with small hexagonal glitter pieces in pastel green, blue, and pink. Unfortunately there was very little direct sunshine when I took these photos, so the sparkle isn't very apparent! (It's more obvious in the close-up photos further below.)

Lacquer Lust 'Hop To It' over Zoya 'Leah' | polilish
Zoya 'Leah' + Lacquer Lust 'Hop To It'
Then finally, with the help of some straight nail stencils, I added the pink accent using Cirque Colors 'Jane on Jane St', and stamped on the white lines with MoYou London 'White Knight' stamping polish and their 'Holy Shapes 04' plate. I used a clear stamper to align the white lines with the pink section.

Taupe and pink geometric nail art design by polilish

I stamped on a different pattern (from the same stamping plate) on my thumb nail, and I quite liked how it turned out.

Geometric nail art design with Zoya 'Leah' | polilish

Finally, the close-up photos! The rainbow holographic effect is much more apparent here.

Taupe and pink geometric nail art design by polilish

Geometric nail art design with Zoya 'Leah' | polilish

That's it for this week! As I mentioned earlier, I'll be back next week with my letter R design for the ABC challenge. In the meantime, do follow the links below to check out all of the other glitter topper-themed manicures done by other Hobby Polish Bloggers.