Saturday, 17 September 2016

'Mani Swap Circle': Double-stamped ornate design

This week, as part of a collaboration on Instagram called the 'mani swap circle', I've recreated (as closely as I could) a design by Gen of @vernimage.

This collaboration is run every two weeks by @glacewing and @natasha_dauncey, who put all of the participants into a circular list, and pick a colour theme. Each person recreates a design done by the person after them in the list, switching up the colours to the chosen theme. This round, the theme was light grey/silver, which is why my recreation on the left is much less colourful than the original!

Mani swap circle | polilish

Check out the full post for more details and photos.

I have done double-stamping once before, but I've been meaning to try out this 'shadow stamping' variation, which is why I chose this design. I don't have the same stamping plate that Gen used for her manicure, so I picked the closest pattern I could find from the plates I have - this one is from UberChic Beauty 1-03. In hindsight, I should have rotated the pattern a bit so that it matched Gen's more closely!

Ornate double stamping design with Cadillacquer | polilish
Bottle: Colour Alike 'Twilight' stamping polish
The grey base colour I started out with is Cadillacquer's 'Dreams and Dust', and the two stamping polishes I used are both by Colour Alike, 'Twilight' (metallic black) and 'Silver King' (metallic silver). I used a clear stamper to get the accurate image placements - I stamped on the image in 'Twilight' first, then 'Silver King'. (Otherwise the bright silver wouldn't have shown up very well against the light grey.)

Ornate double stamping design with Cadillacquer | polilish
Bottle: Cadillacquer 'Dreams and Dust'
Ornate double stamping design with Cadillacquer | polilish
Close-up: ring finger
You can have a look at the #maniswapcircle hashtag on Instagram to see all of the other recreations! And if you'd like to join in the next round, make sure to follow the organisers @glacewing and/or @natasha_dauncey to stay updated about the collaboration.

Update: Here's @lunaaaaaatica's recreation of my gradient + stamping design!

Thanks for reading - I will be back next Friday with a new design, which will feature all three polishes from the most recent MeeBox!