Friday, 9 September 2016

Negative space stamping with Glam Polish

It's been a while since I've done nail art that wasn't for a nail art challenge or review! So while the ABC challenge is currently on hold for the month of September, I'm back to thinking up designs solely based on polishes or patterns that I feel like trying out. Here's what I've come up with this week.

Butterfly nails with Glam Polish 'Lanikai Dreaming' | polilish
Bottle: Glam Polish 'Lanikai Dreaming'
Read on for more details and photos!

I started out with 'Lanikai Dreaming' by Australian indie brand Glam Polish, from their Hawaii-inspired 'No Lei-Overs' collection. I've wanted this ever since I first saw a swatch of it, and managed to get my hands on it about a month ago. I'm glad I've finally gotten round to using it!

Glam Polish 'Lanikai Dreaming' swatch | polilish
Glam Polish 'Lanikai Dreaming', two coats with topcoat
This is a pale gold holographic polish with bright pink and white glitter. It was extremely easy to apply, because the bottle is absolutely packed with the glitter pieces. Just two coats using the brush - no need for additional sponging!

The holographic effect of the gold base is more apparent in the close-up:
Glam Polish 'Lanikai Dreaming' macro swatch | polilish
Close-up of Glam Polish 'Lanikai Dreaming'
Figuring out what to add to this was tricky, since the polish is quite complex. I didn't want to cover it up or have it compete with another colour or pattern. As I went through my stamping plates I found the solution - negative space stamping! The polish forms the butterfly and floral patterns by showing through the empty spaces of the stamped image.

Butterfly nails with Glam Polish 'Lanikai Dreaming' | polilish
Close-up: middle nail
Stamping over Glam Polish 'Lanikai Dreaming' | polilish
Close-up: ring finger
Both of these stamping images are from UberChic Beauty's 9-02 plate. The black stamping polish is by Konad. Here are even more close-ups, of my index and thumb nails:

Butterfly nails with Glam Polish 'Lanikai Dreaming' | polilish
A very sparkly butterfly!
Stamping over Glam Polish 'Lanikai Dreaming' | polilish

That's it for today - thanks for reading! So as it turns out, I can't leave nail art challenges alone and I've signed up for this 'mani swap circle', which will be up next Saturday! (Possibly a day or two earlier, I'm not too sure about the exact date.) Do check back next week to see what I'll come up with.

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