Friday, 14 October 2016

ABC Challenge 'S': Scaled gradient

Happy Friday! The ABC Challenge resumes with the letter S this week, and I've gone for the scaled gradient, a design originally thought up by Cristine of SimplyNailogical.

Scaled gradient inspired by SimplyNailogical | polilish
Bottle: A-England 'Whispering Waves'
Read on for more details, photos and the video tutorial!

I have attempted the scaled gradient once before - it's actually my third post on Instagram, if you're inclined to wade through my feed to find it! It was definitely not my finest moment, so I decided to give it another go. Here's the video tutorial.

I don't have much patience for building up and blending gradients (but strangely plenty for painting in lots of tiny spaces) so I was glad that I picked these two polishes by A-England - 'Whispering Waves' (bright teal) and 'Virgin Queen' (champagne gold). Most of A-England's polishes are highly pigmented, so it took only two coats for the gradients to be opaque and well-blended.

Scaled gradient inspired by SimplyNailogical | polilish

I actually used a peel-off base coat (UNT 'Ready for Takeoff') under this manicure, and neither the vinyl nor the liquid latex pulled it up, which I was very pleasantly surprised by. I think the trick is just to peel off the vinyl and latex very slowly.

Scaled gradient inspired by SimplyNailogical | polilish
Close-up: ring finger
I'll be deviating from my usual weekly schedule next week, with an extra review post on Tuesday - stay tuned! And of course, I'll be back again next Friday with my design for the letter T. In the meantime, why not have a look at my previous ABC challenge designs? You can also follow the links below to see what other nail artists have done for the letter S.


  1. So pretty! I love all the glitter on this mani; it turned out really lovely.

  2. Beautiful !!! I love your colors !!

  3. Very nice; love the colour combo! I've been wanting to do one of these, but it never feels like the right time in terms of patience available!

    1. Thank you! Definitely pick polishes that are more pigmented so that each gradient doesn't take like four coats to be opaque!