Thursday, 10 November 2016

Review: Water decals by Born Pretty Store

Review of water decals by Born Pretty Store | polilish
Press sample: These water decals were sent to me by Born Pretty Store for my honest review.
Hello and welcome to another review post! Today I have some new water decals, kindly sent to me by Born Pretty Store, to share with you. Check out the full post for my thoughts, as well as two nail designs that I've done using some of the decals.

Water decals are stickers that are 'activated' by soaking them in some water for just about 30 seconds. The three sheets that I received come with two different patterns per sheet, and each patterned section measures 8 by 5 cm.

Each sheet also comes with instructions on the back. They are very easy to use - first cut them out into pieces that roughly fit your nail, then peel off the clear plastic film on top. Submerge the decal in water for 30-40 seconds, then remove it. I recommend using tweezers so you don't ruin any newly painted nails! I also like to give the decal a shake to remove excess water droplets. The patterned part of the decal should easily slide off the white backing, and this is then stuck down on to the nail. Excess decal can be trimmed off with small scissors or dissolved away with a brush dipped in nail polish remover.

The decals that I used all worked very well. They are of good quality and the patterns are all printed clearly. The only issue I had was due to my curved nails - there was nothing wrong with the decals at all. More on this later, let's get to some photos first!

Floral nail art with water decals from Born Pretty Store | polilish
Water decals BPY36 (item ID: 33977)
First, I used the floral pattern from BPY36. As you can see, the decals themselves do not have a white background; the pattern is printed on a clear film, so you can vary the design by using different base colours. The light beige base polish here is Zoya 'Leah'.

Floral nail art with water decals from Born Pretty Store | polilish

In this close-up you can see that there are some wrinkles towards the top-left edge of the nail, but this was not due to any problem with the decals. Since my nails are quite curved from side to side and from cuticle to tip, I always have difficulties in getting any decal to stick smoothly over my nails. A good amount of top coat does help to smooth out and hide some of the wrinkles - but anyway they are really not obvious at all unless you look at it really closely!

Here's my second design, using the floral and butterfly pattern from BPY38.

Butterfly nail art with water decals from Born Pretty Store | polilish
Water decals BPY38 (item ID: 33979)
I used Zoya 'Aggie' as my base colour for this one, which is a very shimmery yellow-gold. These decals were more sheer than I expected, so the gold did make the pattern look quite different to how it looks on the white sheet. But I thought the overall effect was still pretty, and it does also show how you can get some variation even when using water decals. If you want it to look just like how it does on the sheet, just use an opaque white base colour.

Butterfly nail art with water decals from Born Pretty Store | polilish

That's it for today - I hope you found this review helpful! I definitely recommend water decals if you want a quick, easy way to get really detailed designs on your nails. If you shop at Born Pretty Store, don't forget that you can use my code LILIW10 to get 10% off full-priced items!

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