Friday, 9 December 2016

ABC Challenge 'Z': Zig Zag

The ABC Challenge is over! I can't quite believe I made it through a 7-month-long nail art challenge. It has been a lot of fun, and of course huge thanks are in order to Emiline of Nail Polish Society for organising this. Be sure to have a look at all of my previous designs here! My personal favourites are the emerald, palm trees and watermarble.

And for the last letter Z, I chose to do this zig zag design. Check out the full post for more photos!

Zig zag nail art with A-England Cathy and Kalinka | polilish
Bottle: A-England 'Kalinka'

Friday, 2 December 2016

ABC Challenge 'Y': Yellow

Only one more letter left on the ABC Challenge! For the letter Y, I could only think of 'yellow' for the longest time, then last week I actually thought of 'Yuletide'. But I'd already done 'Xmas' last week, so I settled for yellow after all. I don't dislike the colour but it does not go with my skintone, so I went for these little yellow flowers.

Delicate floral print nail art | polilish
Bottle: Painted Polish by Lexi 'Boating in Blue Jeans'