Friday, 2 December 2016

ABC Challenge 'Y': Yellow

Only one more letter left on the ABC Challenge! For the letter Y, I could only think of 'yellow' for the longest time, then last week I actually thought of 'Yuletide'. But I'd already done 'Xmas' last week, so I settled for yellow after all. I don't dislike the colour but it does not go with my skintone, so I went for these little yellow flowers.

Delicate floral print nail art | polilish
Bottle: Painted Polish by Lexi 'Boating in Blue Jeans'
I found it really difficult to photograph this because the dark blue is so reflective - in a lot of the photos I could even see the reflection of my head! So I ended up with only two photos this time.

The dark blue base is Painted Polish by Lexi's 'Boating in Blue Jeans', a beautiful one-coater creme polish that also works as a stamping polish. The yellow is Kaleidoscope by El Corazon's IL-116, and the green is Barry M's 'Key Lime'.

I used piCture pOlish's no.10 detail brush to freehand the flowers and leaves. Freehand painting is not my forte so it's all a little wobbly! It looks much better from a distance.

Delicate floral print nail art | polilish

Stay tuned for my final ABC challenge design next Friday! In the meantime, you can follow the links below to have a look at what other nail artists have done this week for the letter 'Y'.