Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Freehand roses - for piCture pOlish's nail art contest

A belated Happy New Year to all of you! I took a little bit of a break from blogging and making videos last month (although I have continued posting photos on Instagram), but now I'm back! At the moment piCture pOlish is hosting a nail art contest, and I've decided to participate. Check out the full post for more photos and details.

Freehand dry marble rose nail art for piCture pOlish nail art contest 2017 | polilish

There was no set theme, but one of the requirements called for the piCture pOlish shades to be prominently featured, so I decided to do a freehand design to avoid using stamping polishes and the like. I have wanted to use 'Grace' and 'New York' together ever since I got them, and I have also been meaning to attempt a freehand rose design, so I put them together and got this!

Freehand dry marble rose nail art for piCture pOlish nail art contest 2017 | polilish

It's a bit difficult to describe how I did this, but I'll try - there's a bit of dry marbling involved. I started with a very generous coat of 'Grace', and while that was still wet, I used a detail brush dipped in 'New York' to roughly draw the roses. I placed a dot for the flower center, and painted 'C' shapes around that dot to form the petals. Then, very lightly, I swirled through the pattern starting from the center, so that I ended up with more abstract-looking roses (which means that I can afford to mess up the petal shapes a little!) Finally I added the leaves using 'Meow'.

If you want more room for error, you can paint the design on a nail art mat, let it dry, and then apply it to the nail as a decal. I chose to paint directly on my nails for two reasons - decals can be a huge pain for me because I have very curved nails, and also I often overestimate the proportions when I paint on a mat. I did practise a lot on a nail mat first before attempting the design on my nails.

Freehand dry marble rose nail art for piCture pOlish nail art contest 2017 | polilish

I'm personally very happy with how this turned out, I wish I hadn't used a peel-off base coat underneath this! I'll be very careful with my hands over next few days to keep this on as long as possible.

Thanks for reading - I will be back soon with a review post sometime next week!


  1. I LOVE these!! And I'm so happy you described your process - I want to give them a try! I have done a similar drag-rose design (a long time ago) with acrylic paints on my nails, but this is very cool to use the polish base with them!! (I feel the same way about decals too. Us curvy nailed ladies have an extra challenge, don't we!!) Anyways...Beautiful entry for sure!

    1. Thank you so much Kim!! I thought of filming the process but there was no way I could keep a steady hand with the camera going. Definitely try it out, though I should add that the PP polishes did dry a bit too quickly for drag marbling, I had to work quite fast!