Friday, 16 June 2017

Review: Stamping guides and peel-off base coat from Born Pretty Store

Disclaimer: The items mentioned in this post were sent to me by Born Pretty Store for my honest review.
Born Pretty Store have sent me more of their products to try out - this time I have stamping guides, a stamping plate, and a peel-off base coat. Have a look at the full post for all the details, plus a video on how to use the stamping guides!

Stamping guides or templates are thin metal sheets with shapes cut out of them - they're very much like stamping plates, but with patterned holes rather than engraved images. These are meant for use with stamping plates. Right before you pick up the pattern from your stamping plate with the stamper, you place the guide over the pattern so that the stamper picks up the pattern through the cut-out shape. It might be easier to watch this in action:

If you're looking for a new way to use your stamping plates, but don't want to spend time on a more advanced technique like reverse stamping (link to my YouTube playlist on reverse stamping), then stamping guides are a great option! The only thing to note is that they work best if you pick up the image by pressing down quite firmly with the stamper. Otherwise, for more complex shapes like the diamond, the stamper can miss the corners. Some plates have images that only pick up well with a light roll over the image, so the guides may not work well with these.

As shown in the video, I used the rectangular shape from one of the stamping guides (G002) for this lace design. The lace pattern is from Haru no Uta L006 stamping plate which Born Pretty sent to me a while ago (review here). The soft pink holographic polish is A-england's 'Her Rose Adagio', and the black stamping polish is Painted Polish by Lexi's 'Midnight Mischief'. The detail brush I used to paint on the borders is piCture pOlish's no.10 brush.

Lace nail art with A-england Her Rose Adagio | polilish

Lace nail art with A-england Her Rose Adagio | polilish

In addition to the stamping guides, I also got a beautiful flower-themed stamping plate (BPL-67). Now, if you've read any of my previous reviews of Born Pretty Store's stamping plates you'll know that I have liked them all very much! Unfortunately with this one I had difficulties with picking up the patterns. The patterns on this plate have finer lines than usual, which make the flowers look beautifully delicate, but do make it more tricky to pick up perfectly. I also found that the images on this plate were more shallowly etched than my other Born Pretty plates, which also makes pick-up more difficult.

I don't know if it was a problem with just this exact plate I have, or if affects all of the BPL-67 plates. However, even if all of the BPL-67 plates are shallowly etched, it is still possible to use! It will just be more difficult, and so I would only not recommend it to beginners. You have to work very quickly to pick up the polish before it dries on the plate. I found that pick-up was excellent once I scraped very lightly and rolled the stamper over the image very lightly and quickly.

As you can see, I did manage to use the plate for this manicure. I did not touch up any of the flowers with a brush after stamping, so it is possible to get good pick-up once you figure out the technique. The pink polish with silver flakies is Delush Polish 'Call Me On My Shell Phone', and the white stamping polish is Colour Alike 'Kind of White'.

Pink floral nail art with Delush Polish Call Me On My Shell Phone | polilish

Pink floral nail art with Delush Polish Call Me On My Shell Phone | polilish

Finally, for the first of these manicures I also wore Born Pretty Store's water-based peel-off base coat underneath. This can also be used as a top coat over layers like foil and chrome powders; as it is water-based, it won't crack and dull them. I have not tried it as a top coat, because I don't have foil or powders to test it out with.

Unfortunately, I can't recommend it as a peel-off base coat. It actually bonds to the nail quite strongly, so you have to use quite a lot of force using a cuticle pusher to peel off the polish. It does peel off - it's definitely not a regular base coat - but not as easily as other peel-off base coats that I've used. On top of that, it also made my nails peel quite badly. Luckily I have fairly strong nails so I could buff off the peeled layer, but if you already have thin and peeling nails, then this product is definitely not for you.

That's it for this time - I hope you found this review helpful, and as always if you shop at Born Pretty Store don't forget to use my code LILIW10 to get 10% full-priced items!

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